21 Marine Expeditionary Unit Looking for new Players "ARMA 3"

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21 Marine Expeditionary Unit Looking for new Players "ARMA 3"

Postby Ratpick » 30 May 2016, 19:52

Who We Are: The 21st MEU is a milsim unit inspired by United States Marine Corps structure and doctrine, not the usual Army structure that people call Marines and certainly not the movies. You will not find four star Generals as platoon commanders, Company or Field Grade officers as squad leaders, SNCOs as fire team leaders, a corpsman (medic) for every team or squad, or wannabe special operations teams. If you are looking for a “Yes Sir, No Sir, Aye Sir” unit who refer to each other by rank, it's just not our style. We value gameplay over egos, draw upon actual USMC and military experience from other nations, and do more with less in traditional Marine Corps fashion. We are mission oriented and train to maintain a diverse range of capabilities, with a focus on small unit tactics at the fireteam and squad level supported by our aviation detachment.

What We Do: Scheduled unit operations and training are held on the weekends with times accessible to both European and American players. Unit operations are story driven PVE and are sometimes played with other units. Play during the week is usually unscheduled and varies with whatever our imaginations can come up with, including but not limited to Assaults, Hostage Rescue, Base Defense, and occasionally PvP within our own unit or with other units.

Our Expectations: The minimum age to join is 17 years old. Our members are expected to be able to demonstrate a reasonable amount of maturity and responsibility for their actions. Above all, the ability to play and have fun as a team and not a cluster of individuals is most important. You don’t have to be a robot, but you do have to know when to stop goofing around and be serious. A good sense of humor and thick skin is a bonus. We expect our members to respect and follow higher ranking members however we do not expect every member to refer to each other by name and rank. The rest of our expectations and standards of conduct are fairly standard and will be given to those who express interest in joining.

Our Training: Boot Camp is usually about one hour to two hours long and teaches basic rifleman knowledge, with four school School of Infantry lessons focusing on more in depth training. We realize everyone has their own schedules (ourselves included) so boot camp is conducted as needed and training is attended when you can. Though not required to play in operations, completing SOI is required to advance in the unit. Additional training is conducted as needed.

Bottom Line: Ultimately this is a game, full realism is not going to be achieved and even the “hardcore” units fall short. We try to find the balance between realistic and fun while avoiding the CoD pitfalls so many units fall into. If you aren't having fun, then what’s the point? Come check us out if we sound like a good fit for you and become part of our community.

How To Join: (In no particular order)
1) Check out our website and fill out an application.
2) Hop on our TS channel and poke a recruiter to join you in the recruiting channel. (Poke a member, preferably and NCO or higher. They may not see you enter TS.)
3) Contact me or any of our other members who bump the post on steam.

Click Here[21stmarineexpeditionaryunit.enjin.com] for further information and a more in depth overview of the 21st MEU. Also, check out Webb Tactical Gaming and ThatDanishDude for 21st MEU game play and stay tuned for new videos as we put rounds down range in our FTXs and Operations.

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