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Diskutér alt annet airsoft relatert her.
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Russian airsoft

Postby Kreched » 13 Dec 2016, 09:46

Hello, friends!
I am leader of the Russian airsoft team "White Tigers" (since 2004), one of the founders of airsoft in the Murmansk region. I have extensive experience in organizing various tactical / role-playing games, experience in command of big groups, etc. Several years I conduct group of tactical training.

I got a visa to Norway. In 2017 I am going to come and see your wonderful country.
I'm curious to meet and talk with colleagues. I am ready to share its experience in training.

I would like to make contact with the airsoft-teams, who live in northern Norway near the Murmansk region. Maybe in the future we will go to the games to Norway and will invite you to participate in our games.

ICQ: 457255185
---Russian airsoft team "White Tigers"---

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