Inferno Games - Purge 2018, 10-13 may

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Inferno Games - Purge 2018, 10-13 may

Postby Lentus » 14 Oct 2017, 18:20



Inferno Games 2nd wave” is a post-apoc zombie and airsoft game. It occurs just over a year after a zombievirus, P-R32.

The story is a continuation from 2017 where the participants themselves developed and changed the storyline. Every player's actions, assignments and choices makes a difference.
2nd wave offers the opportunity to drive a real ambulance(!), Milsim, zombies, exploration, intrigues and absolutely wonderful participants.

The area: The area is huge. In total, there are more than 25 km of continuous roads. In addition, there are bunkers, houses, hangars and forests.

Name: Inferno Games – 2nd wave
Price: 650 sek
Playersize: Up to 500 players (380 in the game 2017)
Where: Sweden, Ljusdal, Fönebösen (former airbase)
When: 10-13 may 2018
Type: Zombies, Post-Apoc, Airsoft, Milsim, Larp

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